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The Future’s So Bright
(You Don’t Necessarily Need a 4-Year Degree)

Here’s the reality: There are a ton of options available to you as you make your way through school and start considering your future career.

You can begin to prepare for one of these high-demand, high-paying careers while you’re still in school. Just click the high school links below to see which career training classes are available at schools in your district. These classes may even help you earn credit toward industry certification. 

The fact is, a 4-year degree is no longer required in order to get a great job, make good money or have a bright future. Many employers are looking for skilled talent, requiring a high school diploma and either industry-recognized certificates or an associate degree. These programs are as short as three months and up to two years.

In Nevada, there are more jobs than potential employees in many of these industries, meaning you’ll make great money and have greater job security.

Read on and explore the many pathways to a better-paying job, faster.