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The Key to Your Child’s Success May Not Be What You Think

You want success for your kids.

And there’s a good chance you believe a 4-year degree is the only path to that end goal of success.

But in the New Nevada, our economy is changing everything. There’s a dramatic shortage of workers, pushing wages higher and higher in the skilled trades. At the same time, according to this story from All Things Considered on NPR: "...the financial return from a bachelor's degree is softening, even as the price — and the average debt into which it plunges students — keeps going up."

So what’s the answer?

Better paying jobs, faster. Yes, there’s an education component, but it’s not necessarily a 4-year degree.

According to the same NPR report:

"People with career and technical educations are also more likely to be employed than their counterparts with academic credentials, the U.S. Department of Education reports, and significantly more likely to be working in their fields of study."

Often, these jobs lead to pathways that ultimately result in a degree. A manufacturing employee becomes an engineer after going back to school; a medical assistant returns to college to become a nurse. And what is doubly great education post employment may your company is paying or subsidizing your education.

But right now, your son or daughter can start down a path — a path that will result in a profitable, in-demand career. And this might result in them being a better student down the road, because they’ll be more mature and confident, they’ll understand their interests and have more experience.

Not convinced? Watch the video Success in the New Economy and learn about the “College for All” myth.

The bottom line is, you can help them get on the path. Read on.