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Nevada is experiencing a wide-spread shortage of qualified teachers at every level, but most significantly in K-6 and special education.

As teachers age out of the profession, fewer new teachers are entering the pipeline, meaning the gap will only increase between supply and demand.

And the 2017 Nevada Teacher Workforce Report (PDF) notes that school-aged populations are growing and becoming more and more diverse — in Nevada, specifically.

Education and Training

Most positions require a 4-year degree at minimum; however, some positions, like teaching assistants and substitute teachers, only require some college.

Trends and Projections

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is in line for national average grwoth across all occupations. But the report notes that rsing student enrollment will increase demand, with growth rates for the field varying widely by region.