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As the economy continutes to expand, this positive trend places increased stress on the transportation and logistics industry. Simultaneously, new and evolving ways of getting goods and services to consumers are introducing new opportunities into the field.

Specifically, the wide availability of the internet means consumers expect many products to be available to them quickly and at low cost. This means added demand on those who operate in the logistics field.

Education and Training

Some positions within logistics do require a 4-year degree. However, there are many entry-level opportunities, many at big-name corporate powerhouses that have sophisticated on-the-job training protocols. To be a step ahead, some look to secure certificates or an associate’s degree.

Trends and Projections

According to this report from Elementum: “Analysts at a leading market research company noted that the e-commerce logistics market is expected to grow at 9.69% through 2020.”

Payscale provides this sampling of salary ranges for jobs in the shipping, transportation, warehousing, or logistics field.