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Hospitality Management

The United States Department of Labor lists Hospitality as a “High Growth Industry.” Seasonal adjustments affect the industry, but overall, its biggest problem is in securing enough skilled employees due to constant demand. This field tends to experience high turnover, which means many jobs that go unfilled.

Customer service is one of the most significant skills needed for a career in hospitality. Career growth opportunities are one of the many perks the industry offers.

Education and Training

Not all positions in the hospitality sector require a 4-year degree. Most are entry level, where employees learn on the job and advance with experience. Often employees can secure supervisory roles with an associate’s degree, or higher level positions with a 4-year degree.

Trends and Projections

According to the Nevada’s 2017 In-demand Occupation and Insights report (PDF):

  • The coming year would see 75-85% of the available hospitality jobs being entry-level positions, compared to 15-25% for mid-level and management positions.
  • In Nevada, many large employers reported having hundreds, and sometimes thousands — of open positions.

Additionally, the Reno-Tahoe Airport is projecting passenger counts to grow to 6.5 million by 2036. And for the first time since 2007, total visitor counts for people visiting Washoe County, including Reno-Sparks annual events, topped the 5 million mark, according to the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority.