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Here’s How to Build a Stronger
Workforce in Northern Nevada

We know there’s a dramatic shortage: Unemployment levels are at record lows, and trends indicate that won’t be changing anytime soon.

We know you want qualified employees who can fill your abundant positions: The biggest threat to your business is lack of a skilled workforce, because the reality is our region just doesn’t have enough qualified people to do the jobs.  

We know you have openings, careers and pathways to a promising future: Your focus right now is on training at all levels, so that your employees can learn and work simultaneously. That is what will help replenish the most valuable assets to your business — the people.  

Post your apprenticeships or internships here. Connect your business with students who are looking to learn, to earn, to grow.

Join us in getting these potential employees on a path — a path to a better paying career, faster with your business.

Start here.