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Advanced Manufacturing

Nevada’s 2017 In-demand Occupation and Insights report (PDF) indicates that manufacturing is one of the fastest growing sectors in Nevada. The reason: worldwide advancements in technology. So as technology continues to evolve, it stands to reason that more and more employees will be sought in manufacturing capacities.

The positive takeaway, according to the Nevada Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovations:

“Manufacturing jobs are highly paid, and manufacturing is an economic driver for all. Nevada's manufacturing industry is particularly sensitive to a shortage of skilled workers. Apprenticeship programs and manufacturing skills certifications are needed to create and maintain an adequate skilled workforce pool.”

Education and Training

Jobs in manufacturing vary in terms of educational requirements. Some require high school diploma or equivalent; others, post-secondary, non-degree work; still others, a 4-year degree.

Trends and Projections

According to the Nevada Economy in Brief (PDF) (September 2018), year to date, manufacturing is growing at the fastest rate (up 14.8 percent), after adding 6,900 through September (versus the same period last year).

And according to the Nevada Sub-State Labor Market Overview (PDF) (July 2018), Reno/Sparks has seen the strongest growth in manufacturing since the recession, both in total jobs (up 9,400) and in percentage growth (up 85 percent from the lowest point during the recession, almost double). These gains have resulted in the area now accounting for 37 percent of statewide manufacturing employment, with 20,500 jobs in July. Of the three individual metro areas, Reno/Sparks is the only one to have surpassed its pre-recessionary manufacturing employment.

OES Wage and Job data shows Manufacturing and Logistics growing by 11 percent year-over-year in 2017 for Northern Nevada alone.

Finally, average annual earnings for manufacturing was $71,531 as of December 2018, which is $13,578 above the $57,953 average of all workers in the state.

Here is a map of Manufacturing Employment by State provided by the National Association of Manufacturers.